Jennifer in a New National Commercial

Check out the new “Love of Reading” Commercial for Nookcolor by Barnes and Noble:


A certain blonde in a pink shirt should look very familiar ;  )



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2 responses to “Jennifer in a New National Commercial

  1. Lucy W.

    Congratulation on this commercial. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. I was wondering how long after a national commercial audition do you usually know if you have a callback? Is it typically the next day or is it several days? Thanks. Trying to learn the ropes.

  2. Hi Lucy,

    Every commercial is different. Some have immediately callbacks, a day or two after the original audition. Others may not have callbacks for a week or two. Your best bet is to keep your eyes peeled for the callback info by the sign in sheet at the audition. The Casting Director will post the date of the callback and the possible shoot dates.

    Good luck to you!


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