Commercial Callback at Shane Casting

Today I had a commercial callback a Hallmark Commercial at Shane Casting.  What a treat.  This is my first time auditioning for this office and I was called back as well.

The callback was running behind schedule, but I was happy to be there.  I chatted with the other actors in the room.  I noticed there were not a lot of blondes in the room.  I’m guessing they are looking for brunettes, but I was lucky to get the callback as well.

Finally, it was my turn to audition.  I greeted director and the client. The callback was quick.  I hope I’m what they are looking for.

When I was leaving I looked at the time and realized that I had been in the casting office for an hour.  And I had only put in enough coins in the meter for 35 minutes.  It hadn’t even crossed my mind that until that minute.  I walked out of the casting office and spotted my car across the street.  Sure enough, I saw the ticket on my windshield.  When I got to my car I saw it had been issued about 1 minute after my meter was due to expire.  Looks like they were waiting for it.  And the ticket is for $55…ouch.

Ah, the life of an actress….

But what’s important is that I got the callback. Thanks to Shane Casting for both the audition and callback!


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