Commercial Audition at Davis Baddeley Casting

Today I had a commercial audition at Davis Baddeley Casting.  This is my second audition since returning from Maternity Leave and my first time auditioning for this office.

Today’s spot was for Procter and Gamble.   I arrived 10 minutes early for my morning audition at The Casting Underground in Hollywood.   As I waited, an actress I worked with on “The Cavemen Crib Party” webisode arrived to audition as well.  I was glad to see her.  She and I were pregnant at the same time, so we would bump into each other at maternity auditions last year.  Now we are both new moms, so it was great to talk about our experiences

Before I knew it, I was up.  Everyone was so nice in the room and this is a great commercial spot, so I’m grateful to Davis Baddeley Casting for calling me in to audition for the first time


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