Jennifer on the Red Carpet

On Thursday night I attended “Noche Flamenca” a Red Carpet and Cocktail Event.  My friend, Sandra Payne, wrote a film called “Solo Duet” which is a part of ” Girls Girls Girls”, a Film feature project that has all women directors, writers, producers, DPs and more.  The trailer for “Solo Duet” was also shown. The event took place at D’Cache Restaurant in Toluca Lake, CA and included a flamenco performance by Timo Nunez, star of “Solo Duet”.

Last year Sandra gathered 5 of her Industry friends, including myself, and started a Networking Group.  These amazing  ladies and I are now friends and we meet up every other month or so.  Here is a photo of 4 of us with Sandra at the Premiere.


Jennifer on the Red Carpet with Emily Churchill, Heather Horton, Sandra Payne and Tiffany Price


Want to know more about these awesome ladies? Find them on my Twitter Page and follow them:

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