Headshot Session with David Muller

A sneak peak of Jennifer Keller's headshot session


On Monday I had new headshots taken by photographer, David Muller.   In 2009, I shot with David and was really happy with my photos, so I scheduled with him again this time around.  I was specifically targeting several looks with this shoot: “Young Commercial Mom”, “Quirky Commercial Mom”, “Jeep Mom” (notice a theme?), a good dramatic look, a “Senator’s Wife” and a character from “MadMen”.  It’s amazing how you can change a look by adding glasses, jewelry and a change of background. I was able to achieve all these looks that way.

The shoot went really well. David is a gifted photographer.  I also scheduled with make-up artist, Kate, who not only did my make up in 2009, but also for the Tidy Cat Commercial I worked on in 2008.  She is one of the best around and I was thrilled with her work.

I will post photos online as soon as possible.


Jennifer Keller at the whole team: Photographer, David, Make-up Artist, Kate, and her sweet little one



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