Commercial CALLBACK!

Friday I had a commercial callback for Joe Blake Casting.  The callback was in Santa Monica, but at a different location than the original audition.

It was a misty and cool day in Los Angeles, but lucky for me, traffic on the 405 was moving!  I arrived in record time, and with 15 minutes to spare.  There wasn’t any parking near the audition location. But luckily I found a spot a block away.

When I arrived, the casting associate from the other day, Nicholas, was there.  I greeted him as I signed in.  Two other women were there when I arrived, and soon after 3 more showed up.  I was the only blonde in that group.

We were told that the audition would be the same as the other day.  I was the second person to audition.

I greeted the clients and the director as I walked in. Nicholas called action and gave my audition.  And I felt really good about it.

The funny thing about auditions, you can give the best audition of your life and if you don’t have the right look the client wants, then you won’t be cast.  Similarly, you can have a so/so audition, but if you have the look, you’ll get the part.  For that reason, I tried to let auditions “run off my back like water”. I can’t dwell on them, I can’t think about what I could or couldn’t have done in the room.  I just have to trust that I did my job, and I did it well.

Special thanks to my wonderful agents at Commercials Unlimited for submitting me and to Joe Blake for the callback!


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