Commercial Audition and a Funny Story

Today, I had a commercial audition at Ross Lacy Casting!  I haven’t been called in by Ross Lacy since before my pregnancy, so it was really awesome to get the opportunity.

I had a 2:45 PM audition scheduled and I arrived 15 minutes early.  My friend, Jen, met me there so she could watch the baby.   I’m lucky to have such a good friend.

I arrived in my best commercial “mom” attire: cardigan sweater and jeans (watch any commercial featuring a mom and you’ll see).  I knew my friend had an audition this afternoon as well so, counting the names of actresses who signed in before me,  I found myself with a common dilemma:

Do I sign in now, which reserves my spot, and hope that I finish primping before the four actresses ahead of me are done? Or do I primp in the ladies room first and risk the chance that several more actresses will arrive within that time and sign in, increasing my potential wait time?

Now, I realize this could sound like a silly dilemma to my readers, but I work in an industry of first impressions.

**Disclaimer: Yes, I take time to choose my outfit and fix my hair BEFORE I leave the house. But being a mom is a game changer! A lot can happen by the time I pack up the baby, change her diaper, debate on how many baby food squeeze packets/changes of outfits to bring, run back into the house for Cheerios (which my little sweet pea is asking for as I lock up the door… and since she only has a handful of words, this is a big deal), lumber down the steps to the parking garage with baby/purse/diaper bag/headshots/another bright-colored cardigan (in case the role is more comedic) in tow, pack everyone/thing into the car and drive 20 minutes to the audition site.**

So, back to my dilemma, I decided to take a gamble and sign in FIRST.  As I turned to Jen to say “I’m going to run to the ladies room”,  my name was called for the audition. Awesome.  So I had to forgo the lip gloss, yank out my ponytail and shove my sunglasses into my pocket as I walked into the audition room.

To top it off, I was chewing gum, which is a big “NO, NO!”  I looked frantically for a garbage can. Two wire metal trash cans were within range, but neither had a bag in them so I improvised and pressed the gum to the roof of my mouth.  Ha! I haven’t done that since 8th grade history class in an effort to avoid getting written up by Mrs. Denges (and if you’re reading this, Mrs. Denges, it was only once).  This was not an ideal situation, but sometimes you gotta make it work.

The audition went smooth and I was in and out (and, in case you were wondering, at no time did I choke on the gum).

This just goes to show that even a seasoned commercial actress needs a little reminder now and then of proper audition protocol: PRIMP BEFORE YOU SIGN IN.

Did this crazy situation mess up my “game face” or ruin my chances at receiving a call back? I would say no.  It’s like planning a wedding–no matter how much you anticipate, something will always go wrong and usually the only one to notice it is you.  So, if I’m right for the part it won’t matter that every hair was not in place.

I had one last surprise as Jen and I were saying our goodbyes. My sweet little teething girl, let out a big scream in the middle of the crowded, 6 room casting facility.  *Sigh*  And with that, it was time to go.  Never a dull moment!

Overall, it was so nice to read for Ross Lacy Casting again. As always, I am grateful for the opportunity and for my wonderful agents at Commercials Unlimited, who consistently submit me for great projects!



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3 responses to “Commercial Audition and a Funny Story

  1. Linda

    Too funny! I think you’d be perfect for any sitcom.

  2. Frances

    I ran into your blog searching for Commercials Unlimited! And I loved reading everything you had to say! You sound like an amazing actress and I love your positive attitude 🙂

  3. Hi Frances! Thank you for your comment. It really means a lot that you wrote in. I’ve been with Commercials Unlimited for 7 years now and I have nothing but good things to say about them. My agents at CU are really wonderful people and I appreciate everything they do for me. Good luck with your journey! – Jennifer

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