Commercial Callback

I realize that I’ve fallen a little behind on some of my posts. And for those of you who were wondering whether or not I received a callback for the commercial audition I wrote about in….I DID (Yay)!

The callback was at Ross Lacy Casting at 200 South LaBrea.  It was cold and rainy day in Los Angeles that day.  I arrived in good time and parked on the street at a meter.  I generally try to find  free parking a couple blocks away, but I choose a parking space with a close proximity to the front door instead.

Once inside, I saw a number of families with children between the ages of 5 and 7.  The kids are all so sweet, playing together.  I am always impressed by how well children do while at auditions, especially when there is a long wait.

I signed in and scanned the list.  I was the first woman to sign in, meaning I would also be the first to audition. Instantly I was relieved that I was on time for this callback!!

I was paired with another actor and 3 kids of different ages. We walked into the room and greeted the clients.  Once we were given the instructions for the audition, each child had  their chance to audition with the “parent”.  Afterwards each actor, child and adult alike, were photographed.  We were most likely photographed so casting could review the photos when pairing the family in the commercial.

Thanks again to Ross Lacy Casting for the opportunity!



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2 responses to “Commercial Callback

  1. Thanks for this post! Ross Lacy and Laray Mayfield are my target casting directors right now and this little insight has helped my actors research 🙂 Keep kicking ass, lady!

  2. Amber Rose,

    Thanks for your awesome comment. Keep up the good work!

    – Jennifer

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