Commercial Audition at Dan Bell Casting

Friday was a day of firsts! My 15 month old and I had our first Mother/Daughter Commercial Audition at Dan Bell Casting, an office I’ve never auditioned at before.

Our audition was scheduled for 11:20 AM.  Since the baby naps at 11:30 AM (was acting particularly grumpy that morning),  I packed her up early in an effort to arrive early at the casting office in Santa Monica   My hope was that we would audition and then the baby would be able to sleep in the car on the ride home. However, when we arrived, I realized she had fallen asleep in her carseat!  I decided to let her sleep.  At ten after 11, I woke her and packed her in the stroller. Luckily there were not too many tears! I gave her some snacks.  I’ve learned that distraction is the key to parenting.

My mind was racing as I signed in.  “How will she act in this audition?” I thought to myself. “Will she be grumpy?” “Will she cry?” I decided I couldn’t worry too much about it.  Kids will be kids.

Once we arrived, however, she was really interested in the other babies in the room.  My girl was older than the other babies, who were all between 7 and 10 months old.  She pointed at the other babies and “chatted” with the moms.  Things were looking up!

When it was our turn, we walked into the casting room and met the casting associate.  I had a few lines, the rest of the audition was about the baby.  And she did a great job!  She was just so sweet.  She wasn’t her usual smiley self, but she was chatty and oh so cute.  Even the casting associate couldn’t help but react to her.

I am grateful that our first audition together went so well!  Special thanks to Dan Bell Casting for calling us in and to my agents at CU for submitting us!


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