Commercial Callback at Brigid McBride Casting

I was very excited to receive a call from my agents on Monday about a callback for Brigid McBride Casting.  I just fell in  love with this super cute commercial spot.

The callback was same day, scheduled for 2:45 PM in Santa Monica.  I left the house super early.  The 405 South was completely clear, and I arrived in Santa Monica 40 minutes early.  I circled the block, checked my e-mail on my phone, and then wandered into the audition 20 minutes early.

The audition was at a different location, 902 Colorado.  This is the same location as the audition I had at Dan Bell Casting last week.  I signed in with Lucy, and waiting to be paired with another actor.  We chatted about the last audition with Dan Bell Casting and all the cute kiddos that were in the lobby.

I also spotted Mike, the casting associate from the original audition.  He is a funny guy.  I like how he breaks down the scene. He brought each group of actors into the audition room and introduced them.

I was paired with a really cool actor.  We went over our lines a few times and then spent the rest of the time gabbing and building a rapport for the audition.

I wore the same outfit from the original audition, a blue dress with a cardi belted around my waist and knee high boots.  As I was standing waiting to walk into the audition room, I looked down and noticed I had a big run in my nylons!  Eek.  Just then the door opened and we were ushered in.  Se la vie!

We met the client and the director and then slated for the camera.  A slate is a quick greeting, introducing yourself on camera.

The other actor I was paired with was great.  I felt we worked well together.  We had two takes, the second we took notes for the director.

Thank you to Casting Director, Brigid McBride, for the callback!!

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