Two Auditions

Summer has been slow for auditions.  Which is why I feel so grateful to been sent out for auditions twice this week.

Monday I auditioned for Rick Montgomery Casting in West Los Angeles.  The audition was for a commercial featuring athletic gals.  I am not very athletic, but I donned my fitness gear and drove down there for the audition.  Unfortunately I was paired with a couple of girls for a yoga group.  Let’s just say I’ll be crossing my fingers that they are looking for a clumsy girl who doesn’t know yoga.

Today’s audition was for a commercial print ad with Casting Brothers in Santa Monica.  I know it is going to be a good day when the 405 Highway is clear.  I zipped down to Santa Monica in great time and found a parking space easily.  I love print castings, especially when there isn’t a long wait.  I walked in and the ladies in the waiting room were especially friendly. Within a few minutes it was my turn to audition. I met Joseph, the photographer, who gave me a number and took a few quick pictures of me.

Thanks to Commercials Unlimited and House of Reps for sending me out!


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