Co-Star Audition

On Friday, I had an audition for a co-star role in a show on the CW.  This is my third co-star audition since signing with Clear Talent Group (thanks to Brianna and Nelson!).  On a side note, curious about what it means to audition for a co-star?  Read this post:

I’m going to keep the name of this show confidential so I can talk  in detail about the audition and my preparation for it.  Releasing information about a TV show, film or commercial that you, the actor, auditions for is a BIG “no, no”.   The Entertainment Industry prides itself in the element of surprise.

I checked my e-mail and read through the sides. The role was a “Pageant Mom” of a 7-year-old girl.  So how did I prepare for that?  I watched TLC’s “Toddlers and Tiaras” online.  Seriously.  I’m not familiar with the world of kids pageants, and this might sound cliché,  but it gave me some new ideas for my character.

Afterwards I chose my outfit to get “in character” and practiced my lines. A lot of work for a couple of lines, but totally worth it!!  The whole process is very exciting for me.

The next day I arrived at the studio and checked in with security. Surprisingly, there were not any other actresses in the waiting room.  I actually like to see who else is auditioning for the role.  It gives me an idea of what the Casting Director might be looking for.

The Casting Associate  walked in and called my name. I was brought into a small audition room with a blue wall and a small camcorder.  Generally speaking, co-star roles are taped for the producers to watch. The role is then cast off the tape.  The Casting Associate asked me to give three different interpretations of the scene without stopping the camera in between takes.  That’s where your training comes in–I didn’t have time to stop and think about my delivery, I had to trust my instincts.

Overall, I felt like I gave three distinct interpretations for this character.  That’s all I can ask for.  Now, if I fit what casting is looking for, then I’ll get the role. But I know I left the studio feeling like I did my job well.


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