Filming: Day 1


Jennifer on the set of a music video for the band, “Seven Years”.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work on a new music video for the band,  “Seven Years” .  The song is from their debut album, “Time To Change”.

My long time friend and  acting coach, Christinna Chauncey, cast me in her directorial debut. I have so much respect for Christinna and it was an honor to work with her outside of a class setting.  She has coached me both in class and for various film roles and we have a great rapport.

On the first day of filming we shot at Village Church in Burbank, CA.  When I arrived on location I met with the producer and songwriter, Suthurn Hicks, and wardrobe stylist, Mara Mara.  Everyone was so friendly and I felt so welcome on set. I knew it was going to be a great day.  Mara dressed me in an awesome tan coat and chunky scarf.  You would never know that it was actually sunny and warm in LA (luckily it wasn’t too warm). Once dressed, we started filming around the church campus.  The campus had so much to offer.  The final product is going to look really great and you’ll never believe we are actually at a church.

In between takes I chatted it up with lead singer, Cole Williams.  Cole is also a mom of a two-year-old. Her sweet little one was even on set.  We really hit it off and set up a play date for our kiddos.  What an unexpected little surprise that was.


A quick photo in between takes.

Our second location was at a condo in North Hollywood.  This mood of this scene was somber.  Christinna gave me great notes and I felt like we were able to achieve her vision for the scene.  We shot in a really artistically decorated bathroom, I just had to get a photo of it before we finished for the day.

Day One of filming went really well! One more day to go!

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