Acting Reel

Jennifer in a National “Scent of Home” Commercial for Tidy Cat Litter:

Jennifer in a National Commercial for American Express:

Jennifer in a National “Love of Reading”  Commercial for the NOOKcolor by Barnes and Noble:

Jennifer featured in the “Man in Stripes” Commercial for McDonald’s:

Jennifer featured in a music video by the group “Seven Years”:

Click HERE for Jennifer Keller’s Resume


Randi Rubenstein at TGMD Talent


2 responses to “Acting Reel

  1. JENNIFER!!! I stumbled upon your site looking up Commercials Unlimited…
    wow!!! you go girl! Your materials look so wonderful. YAY!!! so excited for you!!

    Big blessings,
    Jenn Gotzon

  2. Hi Jenn! You’re such a doll, thanks for your sweet comment. I hope that things are going well for you. Hopefully we will bump into each other again soon.


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