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New Headshots!

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I had new headshots taken by the incredibly talented, Melissa Blue.  Melissa has a great way of capturing the essence of your personality with her shots. She also is great at lighting, which really makes all the difference.  I couldn’t be more happy with the different looks she captured.  I posted a few of my favs, but what do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

To check out Melissa’s work or to schedule a session with her, visit:

I also want to thank Lilia Ultreras for the flawless make up.  The right make up in a headshot changes everything. Trust me, I’ve had my share of shots over the years. Lilia has an incredible eye and she is simply a pleasure to be around.

I’m so grateful to have worked with both of these ladies!


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Co-Star Audition

Today I had a co-star audition for a new Fall TV Show called “Animal Practice”.  “Animal Practice” is a comedy about a Veterinarian who does not like his patients’ owners.  Check it out, it’s pretty funny.

First of all, let’s talk about what a co-star is.  I know the terms can be pretty confusing: co-star, guest-star, recurring, series regular…what does it all mean?  A co-star is a small role in one episode of a TV Show.  The size of a co-star role can vary from episode to episode.  Sometimes a co-star is in one scene, such as a nurse, secretary or cop, and has a line or two. A co-star can also be a supporting character to a series regular (a starring character who is seen in every episode) and may be in a couple different scenes with a line or two in each scene. And, according to Nelson at Clear Talent, can sometimes work up to a week on the whole episode.

For those of us actors who are just starting out in TV, the co-star role is a chance to get a foot in the door. Like any other profession, an actor has to work their way up the ladder by starting with co-star bookings, then guest star roles (meaning the storyline centers around that particular character, or they have a larger and more significant role in the script) and ideally recurring guest star and series regular roles.

Are there actors who climb the ladder quickly and after one booking find themselves auditioning for series regulars?  Of course.  But there are also actors who work regularly as guest stars and co-stars and have not been able to break into a series regular role. And there are actors all over LA just trying to get their foot in the door with auditions for co-star roles.

So, this was a big opportunity! Very exciting.

Back to the audition.  I was thrilled to receive the call from Clear Talent Group about this audition.  The first thing I did was read through the sides, which included 2 different scenes.   Next, I checked out the producers and director on IMDB so I would be familiar with their work and style. Lastly, I needed to become familiar with this new show so I would understand the tone of the scene and (very importantly) know who my character was talking to.  I easily found the pilot on Hulu and settled in to watch it.

As I wrote above, the show is funny.  It is a single camera comedy, from the producers of “The Office” and “Community”.  I know I’ll be watching for the next episode in 2 weeks!

Once I understood the tone of the show, I worked on my lines and (also very importantly) picked out my outfit.  I needed to make sure I chose something that fit the character.  Once “in costume”, I could continue the work to find this character.

The audition was at 10 am this morning for Lisa Miller Katz Casting. I was so afraid of morning traffic that I left super early and arrived with 25 minutes to spare.  It’s always better to be early!!  I found the casting office and signed in.  Of course, I had to look around the room at the other ladies auditioning.  I always look at what everyone else is wearing.   I guess I want to make sure my outfit choice was spot on. It was. Whew!

Before I knew it,  I was up.  My agent had already informed me that this audition would be on tape for producers. I met with the Casting Associate,  Sibby Kirchgessner.  I actually met Sibby several years ago when I worked as a Career Consultant at AIA Studios. It was nice to see her again.

Overall I thought the audition went well.  We did two takes on camera and I felt confident about that second take.

Thanks to Brianna and Nelson at Clear Talent Group for sending me out and to Lisa Miller Katz Casting for calling me in!

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