Headshots & Resume

Click HERE for Jennifer Keller’s Resume

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Jennifer Keller 2016
Photo: Melissa Blue Photography
Make Up: Lilia Ultreras


Randi Rubenstein at TGMD Talent


7 responses to “Headshots & Resume

  1. Fish

    J, I love this site. It’s an honest look at the reality (grind and all!) of being an up-n-coming actress in LA. I like how U really just lay it out – without pretension, bitchiness or attitude. U LOVE what U do! All the best!!! F-

  2. Dr Gilbert Bloom

    Jennie —

    My daughter found your site and forwarded info to me. Glad to see you are active and, hopefully, doing well.

    It’s nice to see Ballyhoo listed in your credits.



  3. Connie

    Hi Jennifer,
    I happened on your website after looking for audition info for the Sierra Madre Playhouse.
    I read several of your posts. Great work! I’m in a different place…retired, raised my family, started 5 years ago in this business, had a little luck, but can’t wait to do more!
    Continued success and good luck to you!

  4. Hi Connie!

    Thanks for your sweet comment. Best of wishes to you as your are starting your acting journey. The Sierra Madre Playhouse produces a number of plays each year and is a great place to start. Keep me up to date!

    Best Wishes!


  5. Hi Gil! You gave me my first leading role at Ball State. You will always be special in my eyes. I am going to drop you an e-mail. I hope you are well.


  6. donver

    Hi,wonderful job. it’s really good. I found your blog here from facebook. Hope you will get further success.

  7. Hello! Thanks for reading my post. I just love this crazy biz, and sometimes life’s experiences need to be shared.

    Best wishes to you! ~ Jennifer

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