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“Alison’s Choice” Independent Feature Film Shoot: Day 1


Behind the scenes photo of actresses Jennifer Keller and Chanel Marriott with writer/director Bruce Marchiano.

January 12th was a beautiful day.  It was the first day of filming for a faith-based independent feature film called “Alison’s Choice”.  My teeth were chattering as I arrived at 6:30am on set in Arcadia, CA. I was greeted by the second AD, Frederick Gourgue, who introduced to the make up artist, Kristen Castellano.  I enjoyed chatting over hot tea with our film’s star, Chanel Marriott.

I play Rita, a upscale mother of two, whose chance encounter with Alison influences her journey in the film.

“Alison’s Choice” writer/director, Bruce Marchiano, greeted everyone with a kind welcome and we jumped right into rehearsal and filming.  For me acting is always a mix of joy and fear.  I love my craft, but there is an element of vulnerability every time I step in front of the camera.  There is that little voice in the back of my head that says, “don’t blow it”.  And as I sat outside on that park bench with Chanel, my teeth chattering, I just had to tell that little voice to quiet down, to trust in the work I put into the character of Rita (as my favorite coach, Christinna Chancey, would remind me). One of the great things about working with Bruce on set is that he has a gift for encouragement. He has a kind word for everyone.  And surprisingly, most actors will agree that is a rare on sets. And so I breathed life into the character of Rita that day and trusted in Bruce’s direction.

It was a pleasure to work with both Bruce and Chanel on this scene.  I’ll be on pins and needles until I see the final product.


Behind the scenes of “Alison’s Choice”. Photo Credit: Joth Riggs.




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