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Commercial Callback Workshop – Week 1

Howdy all!   My awesome agents at Commercials Unlimited have sent me out on some really great commercial auditions in the past few months.  I get a call backed for maybe 4 out of 5 auditions I go out on….but I haven’t booked anything lately

So frustrating.

I was scrolling down posts on twitter the other day (find me at https://twitter.com/JenniferKeller1) and I spotted this tweet:


And I knew it was time. Time to take the commercial callback class I have been mulling over for over 6 months.  I immediately called to inquire about the next available class.  Originally I was told it was full, but to call back after the weekend. And you know what?  A spot opened up in the class.

It was a sign.

Let me tell you more about the class.  The commercial callback class is a  4 week, on camera workshop that recreates the different aspects of the callback.  The last week of this class doubles as an actual performance in front of a professional casting director.

I arrived for my first class and I was nervous!  I’ve been acting and auditioning for commercials for years, so I couldn’t believe how jittery I felt.  We started off class as we would with in a commercial callback.  There was a sign in sheet, storyboard of the commercial and sides when I arrived. There were about 15 students in the workshop. We were brought in the audition room in groups of three and then we watched ourselves after everyone had “auditioned”.  Afterwards we officially met Killian. He talked to us about his experiences working at Alyson Horn Casting and gave us some interesting and helpful nuggets about the commercial casting and auditioning process. Now I’m not going to talk about all the ins and outs of this class, you’re going to have to sign up yourself for that, but I will say that it was eye-opening.  And watching myself in an audition setting was oddly calming.  Every actor deals with a little insecurity from time to time, and I think my lack of bookings shook my confidence slightly.  Seeing what I brought to the table in the audition and a couple very fixable mistakes (such as not cheating out to the camera) made me feel empowered.

I can’t wait until the next class.  I can’t wait for my next audition!

For more information about taking this class, visit http://www.killiansworkshop.com/classes.html



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