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“Like a Baby” Music Video

And that’s a wrap!  Enjoy “Like a Baby” by Seven Years. Directed by Christinna Chauncey.

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Filming: Day 1


Jennifer on the set of a music video for the band, “Seven Years”.

On Saturday I had the opportunity to work on a new music video for the band,  “Seven Years” .  The song is from their debut album, “Time To Change”.

My long time friend and  acting coach, Christinna Chauncey, cast me in her directorial debut. I have so much respect for Christinna and it was an honor to work with her outside of a class setting.  She has coached me both in class and for various film roles and we have a great rapport.

On the first day of filming we shot at Village Church in Burbank, CA.  When I arrived on location I met with the producer and songwriter, Suthurn Hicks, and wardrobe stylist, Mara Mara.  Everyone was so friendly and I felt so welcome on set. I knew it was going to be a great day.  Mara dressed me in an awesome tan coat and chunky scarf.  You would never know that it was actually sunny and warm in LA (luckily it wasn’t too warm). Once dressed, we started filming around the church campus.  The campus had so much to offer.  The final product is going to look really great and you’ll never believe we are actually at a church.

In between takes I chatted it up with lead singer, Cole Williams.  Cole is also a mom of a two-year-old. Her sweet little one was even on set.  We really hit it off and set up a play date for our kiddos.  What an unexpected little surprise that was.


A quick photo in between takes.

Our second location was at a condo in North Hollywood.  This mood of this scene was somber.  Christinna gave me great notes and I felt like we were able to achieve her vision for the scene.  We shot in a really artistically decorated bathroom, I just had to get a photo of it before we finished for the day.

Day One of filming went really well! One more day to go!

To learn more about “Seven Years”, visit: http://musicofsevenyears.wordpress.com/.



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Déjà vu

Over the weekend I attended a friend’s wedding at beautiful Villa del Sol d’Oro in Sierra Madre, CA.  As soon as I pulled in the driveway a wave of déjà vu washed over me.  I had been here before.  And then it hit me, I shot my first commercial at this location.   It was an American Express commercial and you can check it out here: 

Here I am standing in the spot where we shot:


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New Headshots

Jennifer Keller 2013I recently had new headshots taken by Michael D’Ambrosia.  This is my second time shooting with Michael. I first shot with him when I was was a fresh-faced new actor in  LA. He was recommended by my agents at CU. Since they had asked for the new shots, I decided to shoot with him again.

With this session I was striving for 4 very specific looks: an approachable commercial look, a sweet Midwest mom, the icy upscale woman and the detective.  I spoke at length about these looks with Alma, the Make-up Artist, and brought a number of clothing choices for each.  Michael and Alma were really helpful.  For instance Michael strongly suggested I wear the peach cardigan, which I originally brought as a back up.  It turned out to be a great choice.

In fact, I’m thrilled with all my shots! Michael shoots outdoors in natural light, which I really liked.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots. These are unedited shots. To view more of my new headshots, click on the “Headshots” Link at the top of the page.

Which one is your favorite?


Jennifer Keller 2013Keller_Jennifer_5306IMDB

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Commercial Callback Workshop – Week 1

Howdy all!   My awesome agents at Commercials Unlimited have sent me out on some really great commercial auditions in the past few months.  I get a call backed for maybe 4 out of 5 auditions I go out on….but I haven’t booked anything lately

So frustrating.

I was scrolling down posts on twitter the other day (find me at https://twitter.com/JenniferKeller1) and I spotted this tweet:


And I knew it was time. Time to take the commercial callback class I have been mulling over for over 6 months.  I immediately called to inquire about the next available class.  Originally I was told it was full, but to call back after the weekend. And you know what?  A spot opened up in the class.

It was a sign.

Let me tell you more about the class.  The commercial callback class is a  4 week, on camera workshop that recreates the different aspects of the callback.  The last week of this class doubles as an actual performance in front of a professional casting director.

I arrived for my first class and I was nervous!  I’ve been acting and auditioning for commercials for years, so I couldn’t believe how jittery I felt.  We started off class as we would with in a commercial callback.  There was a sign in sheet, storyboard of the commercial and sides when I arrived. There were about 15 students in the workshop. We were brought in the audition room in groups of three and then we watched ourselves after everyone had “auditioned”.  Afterwards we officially met Killian. He talked to us about his experiences working at Alyson Horn Casting and gave us some interesting and helpful nuggets about the commercial casting and auditioning process. Now I’m not going to talk about all the ins and outs of this class, you’re going to have to sign up yourself for that, but I will say that it was eye-opening.  And watching myself in an audition setting was oddly calming.  Every actor deals with a little insecurity from time to time, and I think my lack of bookings shook my confidence slightly.  Seeing what I brought to the table in the audition and a couple very fixable mistakes (such as not cheating out to the camera) made me feel empowered.

I can’t wait until the next class.  I can’t wait for my next audition!

For more information about taking this class, visit http://www.killiansworkshop.com/classes.html



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And the New Miss Ball State University is…..

Megan Thwaites.  Congratulations to this extraordinary young lady who will vie for the title of Miss Indiana in June.

It was an awesome experience to participate as a judge in the Miss Ball State Pageant.  I was overwhelmed with nostalgia once I arrived on campus.  In fact, after the pageant I simply stood in Pruis Hall for a few minutes and took it all in.  I was crowned Miss Ball State on that same state 11 years ago.  It seams like yesterday. I can still remember the moment they called my name as the winner.  I was so excited and surprised!  It actually brings tears to my eyes.  I feel blessed to have so many awesome experiences in my life.  Each of them have changed me into the women that I am today.

Below are a pictures with two of my favorite people at Ball State University!

Jennifer and Carol Kosisko, The Director of the Miss Ball State Pageant

Jennifer and Carol Kosisko, The Director of the Miss Ball State Pageant

Jennifer with friend and mentor, Dr. Michael O’Hara. Dr. O’Hara is the Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Ball State University

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Meet the Newest Judge Of The Miss Ball State University Pageant


I am honored to say that I will be judging the Miss Ball State University Pageant on Saturday, January 19, 2013. The Miss America Organization has a special place in my heart because I am a former contestant.

I began my pageant career when I entered the Miss Ball State Pageant at the urging of friends. In 2002 I was crowned the winner out of 32 contestants. After graduation, I returned to my home state to compete in The Miss Ohio Scholarship Program was the recipient of the Miss Ohio Spirit Award and 4th runner up to Miss Ohio in 2004. I was also awarded the prestigious Miss America Community Service Award for my work raising awareness of dating violence on high school and college campuses in Ohio and Indiana. I’ve held three local titles, competed at the state level 3 times and earned thousands of dollars in scholarships, which I used as a student at Ball State and to pay off college loans after graduation.

I am a strong proponent for the Miss America Organization and the positive impact it has on the women who compete in the program.  For this reason I am honored to help choose the next Miss Ball State who will be vying for the title of Miss Indiana in June. It is also a special honor to serve the University that we love so much.  I am especially grateful the the director of the Miss Ball State pageant, Carol Kosisko, who invited me to judge the competition.  Carol was my first director and has remained a dear friend. The next Miss Ball State is very lucky to have such a kind, encouraging and supportive director on their side!

I’ll post the results on Sunday!

Jennifer Keller, Miss Ball State 2002

2002 Miss Ball State University Top 5

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First Day of Filming “Abner, The Invisible Dog”


Jennifer on set with co-stars Jane Kean and Ted Monte

I started filming “Abner”, a new Independent Feature Film on November 18th.  “Abner” is a kids movie and I have been cast as the mother of the lead character.   The first day of filming I met my co-stars, Ted Monte and Jane Kean.  What an honor to work with both of them.  Jane Kean was a series regular on “The Jackie Gleason Show”, starred in Pete’s Dragon (a personal fav when I was a kid) and has a resume that spans decades.   Ted Monte plays my husband in the film and he has also been working for years.  Both actors were really nice and funny.   It was a great way to start my 5 day shoot!

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