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New Headshots

Jennifer Keller 2013I recently had new headshots taken by Michael D’Ambrosia.  This is my second time shooting with Michael. I first shot with him when I was was a fresh-faced new actor in  LA. He was recommended by my agents at CU. Since they had asked for the new shots, I decided to shoot with him again.

With this session I was striving for 4 very specific looks: an approachable commercial look, a sweet Midwest mom, the icy upscale woman and the detective.  I spoke at length about these looks with Alma, the Make-up Artist, and brought a number of clothing choices for each.  Michael and Alma were really helpful.  For instance Michael strongly suggested I wear the peach cardigan, which I originally brought as a back up.  It turned out to be a great choice.

In fact, I’m thrilled with all my shots! Michael shoots outdoors in natural light, which I really liked.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots. These are unedited shots. To view more of my new headshots, click on the “Headshots” Link at the top of the page.

Which one is your favorite?


Jennifer Keller 2013Keller_Jennifer_5306IMDB


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